Consume-Forked tongue 7" (2003)

Y por ultimo, esta bestialidad de EP, el Forked tongue de Consume. 6 temas increiblemente buenos, y no se puede dejar pasar The end of tomorrows, esos riffs no me los olvido mas. En cuanto al sonido, no tengo mas para agregar que lo que ya dije sobre el EP "Who's the real monster?".
Asique con esto termino de poner todo el material que consegui por la red de Consume. Tambien pueden bajarse el Who's the real monster?, el Split Consume/Resolve, el Split Consume/Hellshock, el Split Consume/Borndead, y el Consume s/t (disco semi-discografia).
No se pueden perder esta banda, es totalmente increible. Y si les gusta, bajense el LP de Deathraid, que comparten 3 integrantes y siguen la misma linea pero un poco mas hardrockera o como sea. e
No tengo mas que decir mas que esta es la mejor banda que escuche en mi puta vida.

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  1. Forked Tongue 7"

    Landscapes littered with concrete flesh
    Non-Human beings have few homes left
    The end is creeping towards tomorrow
    Now becomes the pain, fear and sorrow

    (Massive) Structures stricken the land
    To shelter clones of tomorrow

    Breathing spaces vanish
    Elbow room (no vacancy)
    Rubbish heaps turn to mountains
    Oceans are fucking cesspools

    Clean air has been swallowed
    Earth's resources devoured

    Contacts being broken
    Between nature and ourselves
    Simple understandings
    Overcome by lust for wealth
    And harmony's out of key
    Yet most seem unconcerned
    Beings here to teach us
    Yet we choose not to learn

    Most humans have just lost their way
    Led Astray

    Bounds are being broken
    In search of what obsesses
    Material possessions
    Are exactly what possess us
    Our siblings and our friends
    The natural path is reaching a dead end

    Most humans have just lost their path

    Pale faced contagion has spread
    Pillaged tribes, resources bled
    They indoctrinated spirits unwilling
    Christian rule has ensured the killing

    Your forked tongue should have been cut out and shoved down your fucking throat (DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT!)

    Centuries of greed, treaties broken
    Natives exile, back stabbers token
    Cultures are upheaved and lost
    Capitol gain at a dying peoples cost

    Your intentions are suspicious to say the least
    No sense of respect, your morals deceased

    You lying cunt
    You two-faced coward

    Unblinking eyes hide a one-track mind
    Filled with desire, greed renders you blind

    You lying cunt,
    You two-faced coward

    Chop off the hands
    Of the fuckin thief
    No tools of your trade
    No possessions to reap


    Alone and cold, a hollow,empty shell
    I stagger numb, wandering nowhere
    Seeking shelter, escape the white noise
    The ringing in my head must be silenced

    Rise from despair
    Shed the rotten skin of depression
    The burden you bear
    Will crush you if you let it

    Reveling in self-pity
    Placing blame where it doesnt belong
    Take a look at yourself
    Stop your fucking moaning and change what you have to

    Take the blinders from your eyes

    Rise from despair
    Emerge from the shadows of sorrow
    You haven't a prayer
    If you let it all get to you
    Overcome your fear
    And take in stride whats to come

    Never forget
    Whats truely important
    Tomorrow never knows
    Your friends that support you
    The bottle that comforts you

    The beauty around us
    The sounds that inspire you
    Never forget who you are
    Never fucking forget

  2. THHAAAANKKKKKKKK YYYYYYOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!