crusti con fierro 2

linda letra de un tema de deathraid que te vuela la cabeza:

On the prowl again, only one thing's gonna quench my thirst, you see me comin', you better fear the worst, empty all contents, six down to feel normal again, now it's for whiskey, just waiting for the end (and its coming)
Hellbender twelve for the road
Hellbender twelve more to go
I'm on a mission, stay out of my fucking way, here comes the stagger, not worried 'bout another day, battered black and blue, don't catch me when I fall, don't give a fuck about you, blackout will end it all

si alguien consigue letras de deathraid y/o consume, haganme saber

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  1. muy buenos tus dibujos!!!
    te felicito!!
    avisa kuando salga el komik!